Investing During Volatile Times [2 min read]

Hello FrugalBallers!

Today was a very volatile day, with the markets down over 2% on the heels of President Trump’s renewed tariff moves.  Politics aside, I’m going to remind small account investors of advice that I believe is key to future financial success.

Follow Warren Buffett’s advice and be greedy when others are fearful…

It’s a scary time for investors, but just look at stock charts going back to the Great Depression and tell me what you see.  The general trend is up and to the right!  Now is not the time to be timid!  My advice is to buy here.  I suggest buying ETFs that simply track the market.  One ETF that I suggest buying is SPY, which is the SPDR S&P500 ETF.  It’s a great way to diversify without actually having to pick specific stocks.  This ETF also provides a dividend yield of 1.85%!

Now, I wouldn’t go investing all of your money at once, but rather investing in small chunks, perhaps just 10 to 20% of your cash, in case the market provides a lower entry point in the coming weeks.  If and when that happens, then deploy another 10 to 20%, and repeat.  Unless something catastrophic happens, I can almost guarantee that these investments will be higher in 10 years time.

Good Luck!


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